Hostess Cool

This will be me today as I prepare for a backyard engagement party honoring my brother in law and his soon to be wife!!! Stay tuned for inspiration to come in future posts! Until then check out my FAVORITE BLOG where this picture came from!




To add a little sparkle to our family celebration I made these VERY easy festive marshmallows for snacking on throughout the day!!! Yum! All you need is sprinkles, white choclate, and marshmallows!!! Enjoy!





At the end of the day…when all your guests have gone home…and the glitter is swept away…you sit back and think about life’s little blessings! To happy, healthy and blessed friends and family! That is where the real party is…

This post dedicated to sweet joy baby Quinn and his wonderful parents…


This beautiful photo from this great BLOG!


Today someone dropped these off for me! There are very few things better than being on the receiving end of a pink cake box full of petite designer cakes! So beautiful!!!


Wreaths are the perfect way to give off a wonderful first impression to any guest! Here is a crafty DIY website for great wreath ideas! I think I just may try making this one this weekend!!!

This hostess is dying for midsummer nights of dining al fresco! For a little inspiration here are some ideas for backyard décor and a link to one on my favorite blogs for hostess inspiration! (A Subtle Revelry!)

What better way to serve your guests at a dinner party, then by “wowing” them with fresh herbs on delicious dishes and fresh flowers to accompany your meal, all from your own garden! Here is a crafty idea of markers for all your plantings. Very easy to make by using wooden nameplates, wooden sticks, a glue gun (if in a wet climate like Seattle, a little saran wrap) and creativity!