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I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! As I say goodnight and prepare the coffee for tomorrow, I leave you with more Target Valentine’s Day Loot! These cute coffee mugs leave you a special treat at the bottom of your cup of joe!



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I bought a yummy looking rub, that I will post later if it is good, for a brisket we are serving at a dinner party tonight! While I was at Williams Sonoma to buy a rub, this decadent dessert section really caught my eye!!!


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I am in love with Target’s Valentine’s Day decor this year!!! These placemats were one of my favs!!!



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To Welcome Our Guests

I repurposed our Christmas wreath and turned it into a “Birthday Boy Wreath!” 

Name Signs are Easy to Make for Any occasion

 My good friend Cathy made Chris and me a name sign for my bridal shower and we still have it hanging in our house! Here I used card symbols to book end my husband’s nickname “Millertime.”

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Poker Party

Simple Way to Make The Party Festive

World's Largest Gift Table


 For my husband, Chris’s, birthday I threw a poker party! We had a wonderful time and I had a blast coming up with creative ideas to decorate! Apologies on the quality of photos…I think it is time for a camera upgrade!!! Enjoy!

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Some of my favs are featured here!
Need a splash of refreshing rose before the guests arrive? The Rose Petal Witch Hazel toner from Thayers is the best when you need a little rejuvenation! Just apply a bit to a cotton swab and apply anywhere on your body for a fresh and fabulous feeling! (Might be good to keep a stash in your guest bathroom, to re-apply throughout the night!)

Looking for that extra hold with out the helmet head look of hairspray? Gene Juarez, Seattle’s local salon and style god is now producing his own line of products “identity.” This pear scented spray will last you hours and keep your hair in place so you can show off your most wonderful hostess self all night long!

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Winter Dinner For 2

Trader Joes Chianti and Margherita Pizza! Perfect quick meal to make any soul (and belly happy) !


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